Saturday, 23 June 2012

Friday, 22 June 2012

Mary visits the set of Alien

The nostromo model gets an extra lick of paint on the set of ‘Alien’

these photos recently resurfaced at courtesy of Alien crew member Dennis Lowe, who posted

Mary Millington came to do a photoshoot at Bray Studios one day, she did the shoot in the studio car park and when she heard of the sci fi film she couldn't resist on doing a piece for it. You can imagine the disruption this had on all those young innocents, they had to force themselves to stay in the very same space as that temptress...........anyhow here she is helping us out with the wiggeting....and that's not anything to do with sex....”

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Mary Millington/Cliff Twemlow connection

This is the DeWolfe track heard in the party scene in Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions (1980), while they only used the instrumental part of it in the film, here you can hear the vocals as well. Composer ‘Peter Reno’ is actually the late Cliff Twemlow, a real working class renaissance man whose career encompassed everything from stints as a nightclub bouncer, a library music composer, a horror paperback writer and actor- he’s probably best known for the semi-autobiographical film GBH (1983). Even before I’d discovered the track’s identity I’d always considered it a little out of date sounding for a 1980 film, so it is no real surprise to discover that Cliff actually knocked this one out for the DeWolfe library music company in 1969, in collaboration with someone by the name of Hermann Bender of whom I know nothing other than the fact that he had a name more befitting of a stereotypical gay character in a 1970s sex comedy than an actual person. This ditty does though provide a slight, but amusing connection between the legends that are ‘Cliff from Manchester’ and ‘Mary from Dorking’.