Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Keep It Up Downstairs in May

A quick reminder that Keep It Up Downstairs gets its long-awaited DVD release in May.

Publicity blurb: “A bawdy British period romp in the classic Seventies "sex comedy" mould, Keep It Up Downstairs lampoons classic television series Upstairs Downstairs and sees a host of stars shedding their Edwardian costumes to save the family silver - including Diana Dors, sex superstar Mary Millington, Willie Rushton, Fran├žoise Pascal, Aimi Macdonald and erstwhile Artful Dodger, Jack Wild. Keep It Up Downstairs is featured here in a brand-new transfer from original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. The year is 1904; the setting is Cockshute Towers, one of England's stateliest homes. When the household is threatened with bankruptcy, both the masters and the servants are prepared to co-operate in trying to find some cash - after all, most of them are enjoying liaisons of one kind or another among themselves, and none have any desire to give up their rewarding way of life...
SPECIAL FEATURES: [] Full Frame 4:3, as-filmed version of main feature [] music-only audio track [] original theatrical trailer [] image gallery [] Press book PDF”

Youtube tribute video

A youtube tribute video by user6971it